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Buying a house in Italy

Want to live in your Italian dream home? Buying a house in Italy is easy. Finding a house is the hard part. 

Having an English/Italian speaking representative here, on the ground in Italy, can save you immeasurable time and money. Scroll down to discover our services and some of the amazing properties available today!

Our Real estate services: the Monferrato PieDmont Region

Find Your Dream Home...

Buying your Italian dream home can be a dream come true. But finding your Italian dream home can seem like a never-ending struggle. (Read our story). Let us help you to avoid the pitfalls and the trials and tribulations. We can be your available, experienced, English / Italian speaking representative here on the ground in Italy to hunt down properties and guide you through the process. We specialize in finding properties in the Monferrato region of Piedmont in Northern Italy and we can save you invaluable time and money. Our Real Estate services include:  

  • Personal Real Estate Concierge Services - Location! location! location!, finding a house, agents, bidding, buying, legalities, title, necessary and unnecessary steps, moving, etc. From soup to nuts, we will guide you through the often arduous process of finding a house and the comprehensive steps to buying a house in Italy.   >>> More information.

  • Properties for Sale Tours - Tours guided by us and based on your criteria. We work in conjunction with dozens of local agents and we will compile for you a list of properties to tour based solely on your criteria. This will cut out 95% of the homes the agents will show you that have nothing to do with your criteria.   >>> More information.

  • Properties For Rent Tours (long-term, annual or multi-year rentals) - Not ready to buy but looking for a long-term rental?  We guide tours of rental properties meticulously compiled and based solely on your criteria. We work in conjunction with dozens of local agents and scour the local real estate listings, things that are very hard to do from across the ocean..   >>>  More information

We are not real estate agents. We are go-betweens, we represent and serve you!  We offer our services to clients seeking to significantly streamline and avoid pitfalls of the transatlantic search, buy (or long-term rent) and move process. 

Scroll down to read Our Story and to view some of our featured real estate listings. We think you will be astounded by the selection and value of available properties in the Monferrato region. 

Moving to Italy?

You've made the decision! You're motivated! You are looking for or have already found a home in Italy. Now it's time to MOVE TO ITALY!!!

Moving to Italy involves a whole new scope of knowledge, a whole new list of steps, a whole new set of requirements to learn and to fulfill, and a deep well of patience and energy. 

Let us help you get off and running with our Relocation Concierge Services!

Check out our concierge services

Personal Real Estate Concierge

Property Tours: For Sale or Rent

Property Tours: For Sale or Rent

We are here in Italy, on the ground, and can save you thousands in dollars and hours to find the home of your dreams! >>> More Info

Property Tours: For Sale or Rent

Property Tours: For Sale or Rent

Property Tours: For Sale or Rent

Don't waste $/time juggling dozens of agents, touring dozens of houses that you don't want. We will curate a tour tailored to your criteria! >>> More Info

Relocation Concierge

Property Tours: For Sale or Rent

Relocation Concierge

Moving to a foreign country can be daunting and frustrating to say the least. Check out our streamlined yet detailed  Move To Italy process. >>> More Info


The long and winding road ... to Monferrato!

Ours was a typical story of house hunting from a foreign land. We spent 3 years and a dozen transatlantic trips to Italy, traversing the country several times while looking for the area that we wanted to live in. Classically Italian. Undeveloped historic towns. Quaint small cities nearby. An abundance of natural beauty. A local economy. And eventually, we found our spot -- Monferrato. A highly unspoiled, protected, Unesco World Heritage area in Piemonte, an hour or so drive from some of Italy's best cities and places - Turin,  Milan, the Lakes Region (Como, Orta, Maggiore...), Genoa, Portofino, the Dolomites, the Italian Riviera... 

Then the real work began. We made more transatlantic trips. We dealt with dozens of Italian real estate agents, many of whom had a very laid back approach to selling houses. We looked at more than 100 houses. No matter how great a house seemed online, no matter how specific the criteria we relayed to the real estate agent, the vast majority of the houses we were shown were not to our liking. In the end, we found our house from real estate listings posted on the bulletin board of a town square.

Through this, we discovered a huge need for anyone looking to buy a home in Italy from afar. If only there had been someone to represent us on the ground here in Italy who understood and took very seriously our criteria and the kind of house, environs and locations we were looking for. Someone who could constantly monitor the dozens of local real estate websites (in Italy there are no central listing sites like Zillow or MLS), someone who could wade through  hundreds of houses that look good online but aren't good in person. Someone who knows and lives among the areas and towns and could do reconnaissance, could weed out the unacceptable, could justify asking prices, could take helpful photos (!!!) . And most importantly, an English/Italian speaking someone who could gather and wrangle and track listings and information from dozens of Italian real estate agents. Because in Italy, you don't just deal with one real estate agent, you have to deal with each of the agents who represent the properties you are interested in. When you work with an agent here, you work with the sale agent who will show you only the properties that they are selling. They don't show you properties that they don't represent. In other words, there aren't really separate "buyers agents" in Italy. We are that "buyers agent" person for you -- your representative who can provide info on all properties for sale, regardless of agent or agency,  If such a person had been here for us, we could have saved thousands of dollars and many months of our precious time.

Avoid the frustration and stress, the wasted time and energy and the wasted money. Hire us as your Personal Real Estate Concierge. We can save you thousands of dollars in hard expenses and thousands of dollars worth of your time. And our annual fee is about the cost of an airline ticket for two people. It will be the best move you can make!


Our driveway..I love it! We bought a 7,000 sqft country house with 8 acres for $189,000!!

Real Estate - Homes for Sale

In the Greater Asti / Casale Monferrato Region of Piemonte

Houses are insanely inexpensive in this beautiful region of Monferrato in Piedmont in Northern Italy. We purchased our 8,000 sqft farmhouse with barns, two cantinas (underground wine cellars - ours are cavernous), and eight acres of land for €170,000 (about US$190k at current exchange rates).  For the median home price in a city like San Diego, you could buy here a house beyond your wildest dreams. We know where they are!!!

Whether you are looking to buy a turn-key property or a renovation, we track traditional and historic Italian properties of all prices and conditions. We present only pre-1920 homes, built in the traditional historic Italian and Piemontese style. This style is signified by:

  • Villas with formal exteriors and interiors
  • Large Farmhouses and Country Houses (cascine) usually with outbuildings, courtyards, gardens, and some with land
  • Stone construction, stone and or traditional plaster facing
  • Brick construction
  • High ceilings
  • Old-wood doors, windows, moldings, and trim
  • Plaster moldings
  • Stone, brick, wood, terra cotta floors
  • Quintessentially Italian

Listed below are, what we believe to be, some of the finest homes in the best locations (very important consideration!!!) currently for sale in this stunning Unesco World Heritage region. 

For more information check out our Personal Real Estate Concierge Services or email us at

What is the cost in US$

To find out what your Italian Dreamhouse will cost in US $:

1. Convert the list price which is in Euros to US Dollars. You can find current exchange rates and conversion tables at

2. If this will be your primary residence , add approximately 6% to the sale price to cover agent fees, notary, etc. NOTE: If you are buying as a primary residence, there are NO PROPERTY TAXES -- ever!

3. If it will not be your primary residence, add approximately 12% to the sale price to cover property taxes, agent fees, notary, etc. 

Our Meticulously Curated List of Available Real Estate

A very partial sampling - These properties meet our strict criteria outside and inside


€ 150,000

House. 3,800 sqft. Garden


€ 150,000

Villa. 2,000 sqft. Garden.


 € 195,000

Country House. 3,200 sqft. Garden.


€ 250,000

Country House. 2,700 sqft. Garden.


€ 250,000

Villa. 3,200 sqft. Garden.


€ 395,000

Country House. 5,100 sqft. Grounds.


€ 430,000

Villa. 3,700 sqft. Grounds.


€ 500,000

House. 4,400 sqft. Garden.


€ 540,000

Villa. 5,000 sqft. Garden.


€ 600,000

Villa. 9,600 sqft. Grounds.


 € 620,000

Villa. 5,400 sqft. Grounds.


€ 890,000

Villa. 5,500 sqft. Grounds.


€ 1,850,000

Villa. 11,000 sqft. Grounds.


€ 2,900,000

Villa. 9,000 sqft. Grounds.


€ 7,000,000

Villa. 27,000 sqft. Grounds.