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Live in Italy Now!

Live in Italy Now!

We Can Get You Into Your New Home In Italy in Just a Few Months!

Ours was a typical story of house hunting from a foreign land. We spent 5 years and a dozen transatlantic trips to Italy, transversing the country several times while looking for the area that we wanted to live in. Classically Italian. Unaltered historic towns. Quaint small cities nearby. An abundance of natural beauty. A local economy. And eventually, we found our spot -- Monferrato. A highly unspoiled, protected, Unesco World Heritage area in Piemonte, an hour or so drive from some of Italy's best cities and places - Turin,  Milan, the Lakes Region (Como, Orta, Maggiore...), Genoa, Portofino, and the Italian Riviera. 

Then the real work began. We made more transatlantic trips. We dealt with numerous real estate agents, many of whom had a very laid back approach to selling houses. We looked at more than 100 houses. No matter how great a house seemed online, no matter how specific the criteria we relayed to the real estate agent, the vast majority of the houses we were shown were not to our liking. In the end, we found our house from real estate listings posted on the bulletin board of a town square.

Through this, we discovered a huge need for anyone looking to buy a home in Italy from afar. If only there had been someone here in Italy, on the ground, who understood and took very seriously our criteria and the kind of house and environs we were looking for. Someone who could wade through the hundreds of houses that look good online but aren't good in person. Someone who could sift through the huge quantity of offerings provided by the agents (In Italy, you don't just deal with one agent...more on this later). Someone who knows and lives among the areas and towns and can do reconnaissance, can weed out the unacceptable locations, can take helpful photos, can justify asking prices. If such a person had been here for us, we could have saved thousands of dollars and many months of our precious time.


Don't let that happen to you! If you are looking to buy or rent a property in Italy, hire us as your Personal Relocation Concierge.Avoid the frustration and stress and hire us as your personal relocation concierge. We are here on the ground for you. We can save you hours, even days by eliminating precious time wasted by well meaning but impersonal real estate agents who lack a sense of urgency or don't filter properties based on your criteria. Our annual fee is about the cost of an airline ticket for two people. It will be the best move you can make apart from your actual move to Italy!


Moving to a foreign country is quite exciting!  But it can often be daunting, challenging and even difficult. We spent five years, dozens of intercontinental trips and many days traversing Italy, touring countless imperfect houses before we found our perfect home here in the beautiful Monferrato region.

In addition, we have been through and meticulously documented the relocation processes from the US to Italy - long term visas, animal relocation,  resident cards, car purchases, drivers licenses, and health care coverage. And after helping dozens of clients, we are experts in  navigating the crazy path to that elusive Holy Grail of residency status -- (trumpets please...) the Permesso di Soggiorno!

Whether you are looking to buy or rent or we can steer you around the pitfalls, obstacles, red tape and errors that you would inevitably encounter on your own. Engage us as your Relocation Concierge, we guarantee we will save you time and money. Yes you can Live In Italy Now.

Buying a house in Italy is easy! But finding a house in Italy can be a very difficult and time consuming process. We are here to streamline that process for our clients. We seek out a very specific type of house -- traditionally Italian, pre 1920's, of stone and/or wood structure, a villa, country house, palace or farmhouse with the original elements either preserved or able to be restored. If this is the type of Italian home you are looking for, read on.

The Italian Real Estate Market and process is unlike that in the United States, especially outside of the major city markets. There are no MLS or Zillow listings or one central source where you can find all of the real estate offerings for a given area.  The seller's market in Monferrato is a very slow market (great news for buyers!!!) and many properties remain on the market for years. As such, Italian RE Agents are very protective of their commissions, showing you only properties they represent as they prefer to receive both the seller and the buyer commissions. They are not as responsive as you might expect  (12 emails and 6 overseas calls to one agent with no reply and the house is still for sale!). Many agents do not speak English. In order to see all of the listings in a particular area, you have to contact and work with all of the agents that represent the listings in that area. It is a time consuming, daunting and often frustrating process. After giving specific criteria and definition of the type of house you are looking for, you will go out with that agent to see 10 or 12 listings and you will be lucky if one of them fits your criteria. Working with so many agents and taking so many transatlantic trips, it often takes months and even years to feel like you have seen a good representation of the available houses in your target area.

We spent three years looking in just a little pocket of Monferrato. After every transatlantic flight, many hours and dollars spent, seeing dozens of houses we didn't like we would scream WHY CAN'T THIS BE EASIER!!  The house we finally bought and love, we found from a listing posted on a bulletin board in a sleepy town square!

There are hundreds of available properties in this area that are absolutley stunning on the outside, of typical Italian splendor, but which have been gutted, drywalled and ceramic tiled  throughout every room on the inside.  With not a single original stone or beam or wall left, it looks like you could be in Peoria Illinois (not dissing Peoria but it does not look like Italy there). There are hundreds of properties which perfectly fit our criteria inside and out but are located in an ugly town, across from a brick factory, on a busy street or intersection or in the middle of nowhere! 

We are here to make it much easier for our clients to find a house to buy in Italy. That is our singular mission. We are here on the groung, cutting through the clutter, eliminating 99% of the wasted time, money and energy

We are not real estate agents but we have relationships with all of the agents in the Piemonte region.  When you work with us, we will compile lists of properties that very closely match your criteria, needs and wants. No trip here will be wasted, no time or money will be poorly spent. We comb the listings, we know the agents, we know what is on the market and we know when new properites come on to the market. 

We offer thre types of Services for Americans looking to buy a home in Italy:

Full Service Real Estate Concierge Services

Relocation Concierge Services

Real Estate Tours

Our Relocation Concierge Services

Houses are insanely inexpensive in this beautiful region of Monferrato in Piemonte. We purchased our 8,000 sqft farmhouse with two cantinas, barns and eight acres of land for $200,000. 

For the median home price in a city like Denver, you could buy here a house beyond your wildest dreams. We know where they are!!!

We offer three levels of Relocation and Real Estate Concierge Services:

  • Relocation Concierge Services - for those wishing to move or in the process of moving to Italy

  • Real Estate Concierge Services - finding, negotiating and purchasing your dream house

  • Real Estate Tours - drastically reduce the time and expense of finding a house in Italy 


Real Estate Concierge ($3,100 for 12 months)

 Be Queen or King of Your Castle -- Big or SmallWe offer personal relocation concierge services for people looking to move to Italy. From our own experience, we know it is not easy to find a home in a foreign land and that having somebody there, on the ground, as your eyes and ears can be invaluable. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, we have meticulously documented and can guide you through the often arduous processes you will encounter from visa procurement in the U.S. to resident status in Italy. Specifically, our concierge consultation and information services include:

  • Relocation/Moving/Shipping/Pets
  • Immigration and Consulate Requirements
  • Real Estate Concierge
  • Project Management/General Contracting of House Restorations
  • Italian Home Furnishings and Decor
  • Property Management 

Find more info in our Concierge Services portal.

This personalized service is for anyone looking to relocate to this Unesco World Heritage region of Monferrato Italy (map). This service is real-time, we are at your beck and call during the move planning stage until you are here settled into the beautiful Monferrato region. 

Reconnaissance of and drill down to  

Three Properties for Sale Tour Days (as above) for home buyers or

Three Properties for Rent Days (as above but encompassing rental properties) for home renters

Detailed information, consultation, instruction, insiders tips and xx on the following Italian processes

Resident Visa

Permesso di Sojourno

Resident Card

Drivers License

Citizenship if desired

Our Maxi Travel Concierge Service includes all of the services featured in our Mini Concierge Service including:

  • Our Best of the Best Hot List for Monferrato  
  • Personalized recommendations based on your specific interests  
  • A personalized itinerary based on your specific interests, desires, and length of stay  
  • Pre-booked restaurant reservations  
  • Detailed descriptions, directions and contact info for all recommended and planned itinerary items  

And in addition you will receive the following on-call services:

  • Our private email and cell phone number!   
  • Before and during your trip we will be available to you for unlimited communications and arrangements for itinerary planning, building, and perfecting  
  • We will be here in Monferrato Italy to advise you when you arrive and during your entire stay in our marvelous Unesco World Heritage Region  
  • Whether you want a buttoned-up itinerary, want to be entirely spontaneous or somewhere in between we can provide advice, ideas, arrangements and reservations for adventure, learning, food, fun, and relaxation   

We describe this service as "satisfaction insurance" -- we are at your call and ready to make your trip the best that it can be! 

Click below to complete our Personal Relocation Concierge questionnaire. We will follow up with email dialogs to begin your streamlined process of finding your perfect Italian home. You will not be charged for this service until after the email dialog begins.


Properties for Sale Tours ($450 per tour day)

Our Properties for Sale Tours focus on the Monferrato region of Italy and are structured as follows:

  • You complete our Properties For Sale Tour Questionnaire.

  • Before your trip and based on your survey criteria, we will research available properties and craft a list of properties in the area for you to consider and amend. We will then secure and send to you additional photos and information on your targeted properties.

  • We will set up appointments with one or more Italian Real Estate Agents to tour 5 to 10 of your target houses depending on proximity.

  • On the day of your tour, at approximately 10am, we will meet with an Italian real estate agent and we will tour as many properties on the appointment list as you desire. If time allows, we could visit additional properties.

  • We will return you to the starting point at approximately 4pm.

We describe this service as our "house hunting ferret" -- we drill down to the properties that fit your criteria and obsess on introducing you to your next home.

Click below to complete our Properties For Sale Tour questionnaire. We will follow up with email dialogs to compile your personalized Real Estate Tour lists. You will not be charged for this service until the email dialog begins.