Live in Italy Now!

Live in Italy Now!

Our Relocation Concierge Services

Moving to a foreign country is quite exciting!  But it can often be daunting, challenging frustrating, and difficult. We have been through and meticulously documented the relocation processes from the US to Italy - . And after helping dozens of clients, we are experts in  navigating the crazy path to that elusive Holy Grail of residency status -- (trumpets please...) the Permesso di Soggiorno!

We secured a home, got our long-term Elective Residence Visa and moved to Italy in just 4  months! We had our Permesso di Soggiorno one month later. 

Let us guide you smoothly, quickly and efficiently through the relocation process. With our Relocation Concierge Services we provide experiential counseling on the Move To Italy process of documentation required, rules, regulations, necessary and bonus steps, good to know info, pitfalls, including the following:

Immigration requirements

  • A Long Term Visa - The Elective Resident Visa
  • Codice Fiscale
  • The Initial Permesso di Soggiorno
  • Resident Card
  • Identity Card
  • Permesso di Soggiorno Renewal

Other processes

  • Italian Consulate
  • Documents to obtain and Renew
  • Shipment of Household Belongings
  • Shipment of Autos
  • Animal Relocation
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Currency Exchange best rates
  • Buying and Registering a Car in Italy
  • Italian Drivers Licenses
  • Health Care Coverage
  • Language Courses
  • Italian Citizenship

Our Relocation Concierge Services fee is $999 and includes:

Twelve months of experiential counseling, from soup to nuts, on the Move To Italy process.

  • Step-by-step first-hand advice counseling and documentation on all of the above bullet pointed steps and processes

  • Step-by-step first-hand advice, counseling and documentation on the process necessary for securing a long-term Elective Resident Visa from the Italian Consulate nearest you in the United States. This first step in the US is one of the most time consuming, document heavy, regulated processes you will need to complete. 

  • Step-by-step first-hand advice, counseling and documentation on the process necessary for securing your Permesso di Soggiorno aka Permission to Stay document from the Italian authorities. This is among the first steps to begin once you are in Italy and is one of the most confusing, time consuming, frustrating processes you will need to complete. 

  • Action item list and weekly status conference call.

We can save you immeasurable amount of time and money by guiding you through the relocation process. And most importantly, we will reduce the stress, hassles and pitfalls you face when relocating to a foreign country. 

The cost of our full service Relocation Concierge Service is $999 for twelve months. For more information or to get started with our Relocation Concierge Services, fill out our form below!

Before You Move, You Need A Place To Live

Italian immigration will not grant you an Elective Resident Visa unless you have a verified place of residence in Italy - either a house you own or an executed rental agreement. 

Let us help you find your Italy home through our various our Real Estate Services. All of them can drastically reduce the time and expense of finding a home in Italy

  • Full Service Personal Real Estate Concierge finding, negotiating and purchasing your dream house

  • Properties For Sale Tours - guided tours of real estate listings meticulously based on your criteria 

  • Properties For Rent Tours - guided tours of rental property listings meticulously based on your criteria

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