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The good news!:  Houses are insanely inexpensive in this beautiful region of Monferrato in Piemonte. We purchased our 8,000 sqft farmhouse with two cantinas (underground wine cellars - ours are cavernous), barns and eight acres of land for under $190,000. For the median home price in a city like Denver, you could buy here a house beyond your wildest dreams. We know where they are!!!  

We are English/Italian speaking Americans who moved to the Monferrato Piedmont region of Italy several years ago. We have more than five years experience representing American clients who are looking to buy in this amazing region in Italy.

We specialize in a very specific type of house -- traditional and typically Italian, pre-1920's, of stone and/or wood structure, a villa, country house, palace or farmhouse with original elements either preserved or able to be restored. If this is the type of Italian home you are looking for, read on.

Having someone who can be your representative, here on the ground in Italy, can save you thousands of dollars in hard costs as well as thousands of dollars in your precious time. Let us be that representative for you through our Personal Real Estate Concierge Services.

We have listed below some of the biggest obstacles American buyers face and it is these obstacles that we tackle and solve for you through our Concierge Service:

  • There is no one central online source for real estate listings (akin to MLS or Zillow) where you can find all of the real estate offerings for a given area.  When you want to research an area online, you have to look at dozens of local real estate agent sites. 

  • Listings on real estate agent websites are not as focused or logical as you would expect. They don't give addresses or even specific town locations because they don't want buyers to go to or contact the owners directly. The photos are often of very poor quality, of dark rooms, or out of focus. 

  • There are no "Buyer's Agents" in Italy. In order to see listings in a particular area, you have to research, contact,  work and meet with all of the agents in the area who represent those listings. 

  • The agents will only show you their listings. And they will want to show you all of their listings whether a house meets your criteria or not. This is a huge and frustrating time waster. No matter how specific you are, you will be taken to see houses that you would never consider. 

  • Italian real estate agents are not as responsive as you might expect  (12 emails and 6 overseas calls to one agent with no reply and the house is still for sale!). Many agents do not speak English and some are very slow to respond to English language inquiries.  

  • It is not uncommon in Italy for owners to sell their houses privately. As such, these properties are not listed online or with an agency and are only known through local postings or word-of-mouth.

We are not real estate agents -- we are our clients' personal local representative here on the ground in Italy.  We have relationships with the agents in the Piemonte region, we know the cities, we know the towns, we know the areas and if we don't know the neighborhoods, we can easily check them out.   We are here to make it much easier for our clients to find a house to buy in Italy, to cut through the clutter, to eliminate 99% of the wasted time, money and energy.

Our Personal Real Estate Concierge Services cover a one-year period and include: 

  • Meticulously curated list of the attributes of the type of property and local you are looking for. We will work closely with you to create and manage this list as your needs, desires, wishes and nice-to-haves change throughout the process.

  • Introductory tour of the Monferrato region of Piemonte. The single most important factor to finding your dream house in Italy is finding the right location, the right neighborhood, the right environment. This is not a tour of houses but is a tour of the region. Only by coming here and experiencing the people and the place can you tell if a house or neighborhood or a village or a  city is right for you! 

  • Meticulously compiled and continuously managed "Properties List". This is your exclusive list of properties that interest you. We work closely with you to compile this list based on your criteria, needs, wants, nice-to-haves, etc. Our goal is that no trip here will be wasted, no time or money will be poorly spent. We comb the listings, we know the agents, we know the market. 

  • All correspondence with local real estate agents including specific property inquiries, additional photo requests, creation and management of Properties Tour schedule.

  • Detailed reconnaissance of the most important aspects of your top properties. This includes detailed photos of house interior and exterior, grounds, buildings, setting, neighbors, neighborhood, local businesses, geographical location. 

  • Properties Tour which includes three day-long tours of listings on your Properties List. 

  • List of local architects, geometras (project contractors), plumbers, electricians.

  • 15 page detailed summary of the steps to buying a property in Monferrato Italy including finding a house, working with agents, assessing a property, timing, bidding/offer/sale contract process, commissions and fees, the Notaio, the mandatory reading of the deed, general tax information, safeguards, Italian  bureaucracy.

  • 15 page detailed summary of the steps to moving to and living in Italy including long-term visas, immigration requirements, shipment of possessions, pets, resident cards, identification cards, the Permesso di Soggiorno (permission to stay in Italy granted by Italian government), citizenship (if desired).

  • Our personal time and energy commitment to you to help you find your Italian dream home!

The cost of our invaluable Full Service Real Estate Concierge Service is $3,499 for twelve months and includes everything listed and more. For more info or to get started fill out our form below!

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The cost of our invaluable Full Service Real Estate Concierge Service is $3,499 for twelve months and includes everything listed and more. 

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